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Giving Life Meaning
Module 3 - The Apostle's Response
3/0 Introduction
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This Module looks at what the disciples did after Jesus returned to heaven, as recorded in the Bible’s book ‘The Acts of The Apostles’ (often just called ‘Acts’), together with many Letters written by early followers that together help us to apply Jesus’ teaching to our own life today.
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          Module 3 Index
    3/0  Teaching Into Practice (this page)
    3/1  Drawing People In

    3/2  The Need To Change 
    3/3  The Message Goes Out - 1
    3/4  The Message Goes Out - 2
    3/5  Paul's Letter To Romans 
    3/6  Paul's Letters To Corinthians 
    3/7  Paul's Other Letters 
    3/8  The 'General' Letters 
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.Picture, Fellowship of Believers Module 3/1 – Drawing People In
Having first received the Holy Spirit as Jesus had promised, the Apostles courage was strengthened and they began to preach Jesus’ message to anyone who would listen – and thousands believed.

At first they were drawn into a ‘Fellowship of Believers’, sharing everything in common (as they thought Jesus would return very soon – certainly in their lifetime), but they were persecuted by the established religious authorities, so the Fellowship broke up and they were scattered. (Return to top)
  • Peter took the lead and guided the activities.

  • Although supposedly equal, some converts complained they were being treated worse than others, so ‘Deacons' were appointed to assist. One of those, Stephen, became the first Christian martyr.
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Picture, Philip and Ethiopian. Module 3/2 – The Need To Change
The scattered disciples went different ways, teaching Jesus’ message and performing miracles where they went. Philip was guided to meet with and convert a Gentile (an Ethiopian Eunuch). A man called Saul, (later called Paul), who had been one of the persecutors, was challenged by a vision of Jesus. He became a believer and an effective teacher of the faith.

Meanwhile, Peter had a vision that changed their approach, and they began to take the message out to people instead of inviting them in to a closed Fellowship. (Return to top)
  • Up to now, converts were required to adopt the Jewish way of life. After his vision, Peter was guided to meet with, and baptise, a Roman Centurion who was a Gentile, a non-Jew.

  • Peter explained his vision and actions to the other believers, who agreed God intended all people to be included in his Kingdom.
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Picture, Paul & Barnabas. Module 3/3 – The Message Goes Out: 1
Paul (and Barnabas) make the first and second of four missionary journeys, taking the message out to, and making converts of, the people in ‘Asia Minor’ (Modern Turkey) and Greece.

They met with both success and resistance, some of it life-threatening, including Paul being stoned (but surviving). Some insist all Christian converts have to become Jews too but Paul and Barnabas disagree and take their concerns to the Apostles in Jerusalem, where a Council meets to decide. (Return to top)
  • On the first journey they visit 4 towns in the region of Galatia.

  • Paul and Barnabas have a disagreement over Mark and start on the second journey separately.

  • This time Paul visits Philippi, Thessalonica, Berea, Athens, Corinth and Ephesus.
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.Picture, Paul's Ship Module 3/4 – The Message Goes Out: 2
Paul makes a third missionary journey by choice but the fourth journey is forced on him when he’s arrested and sent to Rome to defend himself before Caesar. Although under house arrest, he’s still able to preach the Gospel. ‘Acts’ ends here, but other authors record Paul was eventually decapitated by order Nero. (Return to top)
  • For the third journey, Paul returns to Ephesus then on to Macedonia (northern Greece) before returning to Jerusalem, with many stops on the way.

    The route to Rome is via Malta.

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.Picture, Scribe 2 Module 3/5 – Paul’s Letter To The Romans
.Picture, Scribe 1 Module 3/6 – Paul’s Letters To The Corinthians
.Picture, Paul Writing in Prison Module 3/7 – Paul's Other Letters
. Module 3/8 – The 'General' Letters