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.What is Modulo?
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Modulo is a series of 'modules' which build into an exploration of God and Christianity, which many people find helps to give life meaning.

Every Module is divided into several parts which develop its theme. Most Modules begin with a part called 'Introduction'.

Sample questions and answers are provided to help you get a discussion going and compare the points made in the Modules with your own life today. You may like to explore answers to your own questions as well.

As well as the on-screen introduction, the modules are provided in PDF format which can be viewed on-screen but also used to print out the pages (click here to download Adobe PDF if you haven't already got it). If you would like to put the paper pages in a folder, Click here for a Title Page.
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0:   A Firm Foundation
1:   The Old Covenant

2:   The New Covenant
3:   The Apostles' Response
4:   Our Own Response
5:   God's Plan Revealed
6:   The Old Testament Age
7:   The Church Age
8:   Notes For Leaders
9:   Prayers and Praying

  • This is an ongoing project, only the Modules highlighted in blue are currently available.
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.Module 0 - A Firm Foundation OR
Module 1 - The Old Covenant
Module 0 – A Firm Foundation: This Module provides a detailed description of the basics in six parts intended for newcomers. It helps you explore why we might believe in God, who he is, what he's like, and how we know. You can then go on to Module 1 to explore how God revealed himself to humanity & our response to him.

The six parts of Module 0 explore…
  • 0/1  Is it rational to believe?
  • 0/2  What's God like?
  • 0/3  Building a relationship
  • 0/4  Getting to know God.
  • 0/5  Introducing the 'OT'
  • 0/6  Introducing the 'NT'

Module 1 – The Old Covenant: provides a short revision of the basics before going on to explore how God made himself known to humanity and gave us Laws for living, how people responded to them then, and how we respond to them today.

Module 2 – The New Covenant:
goes on to explore what God did about our constantly disobeying his Laws for living - he came to earth himself in the form of Jesus to put it right. (Return to top)
  • If you're new or unsure, we suggest you start with Module 0. If you already know the basics, you may prefer to go straight to Module 1 instead.

  • If it's going to be more than an academic exercise you need to experience and get to know God for yourself, so Module 0 describe ways of doing that.

  • OT = Old Testament: An account of the events before Jesus came as a human.

  • NT = New Testament: An account of Jesus birth, teaching and the events immediately after he was executed by the authorities of that time. (Return to top)
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.Module 8 - Notes For Leaders
Module 8: is intended just for people who are going to lead a group, as it provides hints and guidance to help plan and run a meeting. It has two parts:

  • 'Basic Guidance': to help you set-up and manage a meeting.
  • 'Advanced Guidance': hints for running a successful meeting that will involve all the members (who may have diverse tastes and abilities).

The 'Advanced Guidance' section is optional, don't worry if it seems over complicated to you, it's provided principally for the type of person who likes detailed information - just ensure that you're aware that no-one in the group is either having too much to say or being left out. The main guidance is: 'enjoy it'.
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  • The 'Basic' section includes help on:
    Getting started, Setting up a meeting, Where and how to meet, Content and Presentation, Praying, and Question and Answer Time.

  • The 'Advanced' section gives information on personality and learning types to help you cope with any problems that might occur between the people in your meeting.
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