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Modulo is a series of 'modules' which build into an exploration of God and  Christianity, which many people find gives their life meaning. You can use Modulo on your own or in a group so you can share ideas. Your local church may have a group you can join or you can form your own group with friends or relatives, meeting in someone's home, a hall, a pub, a cafe, etc - whatever suits you best. An informal meeting over a meal or with refreshments helps promote a good sharing of ideas.

Module 0 is designed to explain the basics for beginners, or as a revision for existing Christians. It looks at whether God exists, how we know, what he's like, and how we can build a relationship with him. If you already know that, you might prefer to go straight to Module 1.

Module 1, exploring how God revealed himself to humanity, gave us Laws to respect him and each other, made a Covenant (an agreement) with his early people to protect them if they obeyed his Laws and how they and we today, find that too difficult.

Module 2 considers what God did about that to bring us back into a proper relationship with him (the birth, teaching, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ - hence 'Christianity').

Module 3 looks at how Jesus' followers, the Apostles, responded.

Module 4 looks at how people since that time have built on the example of the Apostles, including us today.
Every Module refers to short extracts of the accounts in the Bible, with sample questions and answers to help you think about it on your own or to get a discussion going in a group. The questions compare the points in the Module with our own life today... and you might like to explore your own questions as well.

Module 8 is optional. It provides guidance for a group leader if you would like to form your own group.

Module 9 gives simple guidance on prayers and praying to help you in your efforts to build your own relationship with God.

Besides the on-screen introductions, the modules are provided in PDF format which can be viewed on-screen and used to print out the pages (click here to download Adobe PDF if you haven't already got it). Click on any text in blue to go to the relevant Module. If you would like to put the paper pages in a folder, Click here for a Title Page.
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0:   A Firm Foundation
1:   The Old Covenant

2:   The New Covenant
3:   The Apostles' Response
4:   Our Own Response
5:   God's Plan Revealed
6:   The Old Testament Age
7:   The Church Age
8:   Notes For Leaders
9:   Prayers and Praying

  • Modules 5-7 are not yet available but are titles proposed for future development for use by those who want to go deeper.

  • Modulo for Young People
    This version of Modulo is designed for adults. The separate 'Modulo for Young People' follows a similar format, but with material better suited for them, click here to go to that version.
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Module 0 - A Firm Foundation first OR straight into...
Module 1 - The Old Covenant
Picture of God
Module 0 provides a detailed description of the basics in six parts and is intended for newcomers or those wanting a basic revision…
  • 0/1  Is it rational to believe?
  • 0/2  What's God like?
  • 0/3  Building a relationship
  • 0/4  Getting to know God.
  • 0/5  Introducing the 'OT'
  • 0/6  Introducing the 'NT'

Module 1 explores how God made himself known to humanity, gave us Laws for respecting him and each other in society. How his early people responded yet found it impossible to keep those Laws, and how we still find it too hard today. (Return to top)
  • OT = Old Testament:
    Account of the events before Jesus came as a human.

  • NT = New Testament:
    Account of Jesus birth, teaching & events immediately after he was executed by the authorities at that time.

  • God made a Covenant (an agreement) with his early people to protect them if they would obey his Laws. (Return to top)