November 2022
Benefice Breakfast
Picture, Benefice Breakfast
The Bishop of Tewksbury, Rt. Rev. Robert Springett, was invited to be our guest at our regular Men's Breakfast earlier this year, but said he'd rather come in the autumn so he could tell us what happened at the 10-yearly Lambeth Conference of world-wide Anglican Bishops, held in Canterbury in June.

We decided, therefore, that it was more appropriate to invite everyone from our benefice's 9 parishes, so we held a 'Benefice Breakfast' in one of our Village Halls on Saturday 12th November instead with the Bishop as our guest; but due to unforeseen circumstances, the publicity hadn't been as great as it could have been, so there was a somewhat disappointing turnout of only 14 people, although they represented most of our 9 parishes.

Before the Conference, the British media had expected that, because of differences in teaching over the church's response to same sex relationships and marriage in the many Anglican churches across the world, either many bishops would refuse to attend or there would be arguments at the Conference. Bishop Robert was pleased to report that there were only a handful of bishops who didn't attend and, despite the differences in teaching, there had been little argument - the meeting was held in a friendly atmosphere which had included a trip for them all on the River Thames in London which had been impressive in the success of the arrangements to get them all there and back again in timely and orderly manner.

Bishop Robert was pleased to report that the Conference had agreed on many topics of interest to them all, not least the need to reach out better to non-Christians, and had agreed to accept their differences over matters they couldn't agree on, such as same-sex relationships, in a atmosphere of mutual love and respect. Maybe that's why there'd been little coverage of the Conference in the media, given the other major problems in the world at that time, not least war and famine.
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Modulo Package
Logo, Pile of Cubes
For the last 8 weeks we've had a small group of 6 people meeting every Monday afternoon in Redmarley Church to try-out Module 4 of the Modulo 'Big Picture' Package; 1 member in persons from each of our nine parishes and 1 member joining by email as he'd moved 20 miles away and it saved him having a 40 mile return journey each time.

We'd explored Modules 1 - 3 over previous years. Module 1 looks at the Old Testament, how God made himself known to us and gave us Laws for living together in society and how humanity can't keep those Laws well enough which separates us from God. Module 2 uses the New Tetament to look at what God did about that - he came to earth himself in the form of Jesus Christ to show how to interpret his Laws correctly and to make reconciliation between himself and us for our disobedience, our sin, which causes that separation. Last Lent we looked at Module 3 which uses the Book of Acts and the 'Letters' to reveal what the Apostles did after Jesus returned to heaven - they took out his message to the surrounding areas and created the Christian Church.

Module 4 uses history to look at how authority responded in the various nations as the church grew and developed over the last 2,000 years to become the church we have today; ending up with thoughts about where it might be going in the future. Everyone said they'd found it interesting, and even the experienced priest in our group said they'd learnt something new about the church they hadn't known before.

Module 5 is still in preparation for a future date and will be much shorter. It'll look at how individual people have responded to Jesus message and how we might each do so, inviting us to make a commitment if we wish to.
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