March 2017
Men's Breakfast
Picture, Men's Breakfast
Saturday March 4th saw our men gather together in the Beauchamp Arms pub next to the church for another of our Men's Breakfast, which we've been doing now every-other month for around 9 years. This time our guest was Mr Keith Jones from the Forest of Dean who described himself as 'an ordinary bloke'. After the fall of Nicolae Ceaușescu, the last Communist Dictator of Rumania, Keith told us he saw the plight of the orphan children on the TV at that time and felt a call to help. (Return to top)

He joined a big Christian charity for a while that takes aid to Roumanian children but became disenchanted with their organisation, so he moved to a smaller charity called Teams4U that takes 'Shoes Boxes' of Christmas gifts to Rumania and works with the children and families there as well as providing Sanitary Pads to adolescent girls in Uganda who can't afford them so miss school every month during their 'period'. He showed slides of his personal experience in both areas of work which, as well as being interesting, made us realise how lucky we are in the west to have as much as we do. (Return to top)