Events - Worship
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Picture, Dymock's Altar

We have a 'Central' style of worship with a regular pattern giving a Service every week, although the time and location may vary. All our Services are in modern English. For details, click here.
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For Young People
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There is a 'Children's Corner' in the church at every Service. Toddlers and very young children will find toys and activities to occupy them during the Service, with a bench for parents to sit on whilst they supervise. We expect a degree of noise from the corner, so don't worry about it - we won't, just enjoy being able to join in with everyone else. There is a form of modern Sunday School in church on the fourth Sunday of each month whilst adults are worshipping, called Sparks', and occasional an 'Junior Choir' for Festival Services and other special occasions. (Return to top)

In addition, we lead 'Open the Book' Bible stories on a Monday and the all-school Assembly at Ann Cam primary school every Wednesday, an after-school club there on Thursdays for Key Stage 2 pupils, plus an evening activity club for a similar age group on Mondays, jointly with the Dymock Free Chapel in Western Way. (For details of all these activities, click here). (Return to top)

Other Services
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Services for special events are held as appropriate, including Christmas, Lent, Easter, Pentecost, Harvest, Remembrance Day and All Souls Day. Details will be shown where appropriate in the 'Diary' (click here).

Baptisms, Weddings and Funerals generally by arrangement with the Benefice Office (To book, click here). (Return to top)