Modulo - The Essentials
Giving Life Meaning
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What's it all About?
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Welcome to Modulo - 'The Essentials' which explores the basics of Christianity to give life meaning.

Modulo - The Essentials has just two 'Modules', each divided into 3 parts that explore the topic, followed by questions and answers to help us relate it to our life today.

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Module 1 looks at how God revealed himself to humanity, gave us Laws to live by, made a Covenant (an agreement) with the early people to protect them if they would obey his Laws, and how they and we today still find that too difficult, so keep breaking those Laws, and it describes the types of the problems they get into as a result. (Return to top)
  • Module 1 begins with a short revision of the basics (which you can skip if you've done Module 0), before using the Bible's 'Old Testament' to explore the need for Christianity.
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Module 2 considers what God did about our disobedience of his Laws in order to bring us back into a proper relationship with him - the birth, teaching, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ - hence the name 'Christianity'.

There are four summaries of these events in the Bible's New Testament, written by different authors to suit different readers. This Module combines data from all four.
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  • Module 2 makes use of the first part of the Bible's 'New Testament' to explore the life and purposes of Jesus Christ, after whom Christianity is named.
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A Good Source of Evidence
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The Christian holy book, called The Bible, is a useful source of evidence. It was written by many different authors over hundreds of years and records people's experience of God, his relationship with humanity, what happens when we fail to keep his Laws, and what God did about that.
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  • The Bible is divided into two main parts that cover The Old Covenant and The New Covenant.
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