Restoration Appeal
Still to Be Done
This page shows those items from our original appeal which still need to be completed.

To see the items already completed as a result of generous grants and our own fundraising, click here

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(Awaiting funds)
Picture, Damaged Stone Fixing
Stonework and brickwork in several areas of the main building, both inside and outside, have chipped and flaked and need redressing or repointing to prevent further rainwater ingress, and some of the fixtures like window bars have consequently becoming lose. (Return to top)

Fortunately the most urgent bits of the stonework have now been done as 'Phase 1', but there's still more to do including and this is being addressed as 'phase 2', for which we're currently raising funds. (Return to top)
Nave Ceiling
Picture, Dulled Nave Ceiling
We've improved the lighting in the front part the church but the lighting level in the nave (the main sitting area) is 50% less than the current standard for churches. As the light fittings shine upwards to reflect the light off the ceiling, we've been advised that if we repaint the ceiling it will enhance the light level by up to 10% as the ceiling is currently stained and dull and hasn't been painted for at least 40 years. Under modern health and safety rules, scaffolding will have to be erected to reach it as the ceiling is 30 foot high. (Return to top)