Restoration Appeal
Completed by the end of 2011
This page shows those items from our original appeal which have already been completed due to generous grants and our own fundraising.

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Tower Roof
Picture, Damaged Flashing
Pictured, Repositioned Flag Pole After
Damage around the flagpole left gaps in the roof seal over the staircase, so letting in rainwater, which was causing the roof timbers underneath to rot. Flagpole remounted directly onto the parapet wall so it no longer passes through the roof. There is no longer any hole in the roof to let in the rainwater. (Return to top)
Rotted Timbers
Picture, d
Rotted Door Frame
Picture, Reparied Staircase RoofRe-roofed Staircase
Holes in the timber of the staircase door frame were letting in rainwater, causing still more rot. Both the rotted door frame and the roof timbers were replaced and new shingles (wooden tiles) fitted on the staircase roof to make it watertight. (Return to top)
Rotted Gulley Drain
Picture, Rotted Gulley
Sagging Gulley
Picture, Repaired GulleyRepaired Gulley
Rotten timbers under the drain gully all around the base of the spire were sagging, causing puddles, which froze and expanded, letting in more rainwater which caused yet more rot.

The gully covering was stripped off, rotten timbers underneath were replaced to prevent sagging, and the whole relined to create a watertight seal. Whilst the new timbers were being fitted, the gully slope was increased slightly to allow rainwater to run off more effectively. (Return to top)
Scaffolding to Satisfy 'Health & Safety'
Picture, Scaffolding
The Scaffolding
Under safety rules governing this type of repair work, a scaffolding was erected at the corner of the tower and an electric hoist installed to get the materials to the top of the tower. The scaffolding alone cost over a £1,500. (Return to top)
Nave Floor
Picture, Temporary Wooden Floor
Temporary Flooring
Picture, New Stone FloorNew Stone Floor
Only the carpet on the wooden plinth under the minister's seat was stopping feet from going through holes caused by rot in that plinth.

The rotten plinth was first removed and temporarily replaced with plywood. The plywood has now been replaced with permanent flagstones to match the rest of the church floor and a new wooden rostrum on wheels obtained to both raise the ministers during worship and to be moved across the nave to act as a stage for our regular concerts. (Return to top)
Organ Vestry (Store Room)
Picture, Damaged Vestry Walls
Picture, Refurbished VestryAfter
As a result of a blocked gully on the roof, rainwater leaked into the vestry storeroom behind the organ causing both the paint and plaster to flake off the walls, making the vestry unusable.

The gully has been fixed, the old plaster removed and the walls replastered. The ceiling and walls have been repainted, and the floor repaired and restained. New filing cabinets have been installed to replace the damaged ones in order to store the choir's music and the official church archives, which legally must be kept for seven years, and a desk provided for administration tasks. (Return to top)
North Transept
Picture, Before
Insufficient Storage -
Unsightly Mess
Picture, Refurbished TranseptMess Put Away in New Cupboards
The North Transept (a meeting area off the main nave) was having to be used as a store and had become unsightly. It needed a new cupboard to house the hospitality items used for refreshments, etc (shown covered with a white cloth in the left hand picture).

A second cupboard was built, identical to the existing cupboard on the right, to house the tea urn and hot-rings used for providing refreshments, and including a built-in fridge to keep milk cool during our Daffodil Teas and Lent Lunches in the spring. The other untidy items have been put away in the refurbished vestry. (Return to top)