January 2020
Men's Breakfast
Picture, Rev'd Arthur Champion
Our guest this month was the Rev'd Arthur Champion, who is the Gloucester Diocese Environment Advisor. After our usual Full English Breakfast in the Beauchamp Arms Pub next to Dymock church, he told us about the plans and arrangements the Diocese has put in place to help parish churches reduce their 'carbon footprint', and the Gold, Silver and Bronze national awards for successful schemes. Several of the Gloucester churches have already achieved bronze awards and a couple have reached silver.

Changes include expensive things like insulating the roof and walls, mainly for a more modern building where that's reasonably possible, to smaller things that medieval listed churches like ours can do, such as installing more efficient heating (which we've recently done) and lighting (which we're currently planning to do). Other cheaper but practical things include making the churchyard environment friendly by planting more trees where possible and creating 'bug hotels' (a pile of old logs in an out-of-the-way corner) to encourage wildlife. (Return to top)