Giving Life Meaning
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What's It All About?
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Welcome to Modulo, a series of informal 'Modules' that help you to explore Christianity, which many people find gives their life meaning.

There are 3 versions depending on how much you want to know and how much time you want to spend.

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  • Whichever version you choose, you can do it on your own, but it's best in a group, possibly with either a shared meal or refreshments.

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The Basics has two parts: Module 1 explores if God exists and what he's like, how he made himself known to humanity, gave us Laws for respecting him and each other, and the result of disobeying those Laws. Module 2 looks at the life and teaching of Jesus Christ, who was God's answer to save us from the separation caused by our disobedience.
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  • The Basics is designed to be done in one session. If you're doing this in a group it should take about one hour per Module. You might take a short break between the two Modules to serve dessert, or to refill cups and glasses.
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The Essentials has the same two parts as The Basics and covers the same subjects, but it goes into a bit more detail, so each Module has 3 parts, 6 in all which take about one hour each.
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  • You can do The Essentials at any time, or you might do it in 6 sessions, eg: one for each of the six weeks of Lent.
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The Big Picture starts with the same two headings but goes into much more detail for those who like to know more. Consequently, there are five additional Modules which explore: Module 3 how Jesus' disciples responded, Module 4 how authority responded which gave us the church we know today, and Module 5 invites us to make your own response.

Module 6 gives a simple guide to prayer and praying to help us get to know God, and Module 7 is optional to give guidance to group leaders, if feel you would like that.
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  • Each Module of The Big Picture should also take about one hour, but as there are many more Modules, you might like do it as a series of meetings over several weeks, eg: as part of a 'House Group'.
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