Journeying Together - Mission Purpose & Objectives
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In November 2012, the bishop of Gloucester launched a new initiative for the diocese for the years 2012-2016 which he called 'Journeying Together'. It provides a 'Mission Statement' that defines our purpose (why the church exists), and the objectives the diocese aims to achieve over that four year period. (Return to top)

Each benefice and parish was encouraged to adapt the strategy for its own situation and develop the objectives to support the overall aims. (Return to top)
Mission Statement & Purpose
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The bishop set four objectives in his original document:
'Worshipping Together', 'Providing a Visible Presence in every Parish', 'Sharing our Christian Faith & Values', and 'Serving the Wider World', with a number of suggested means for achieving those aims. (Return to top)

Our Ministry Focus Group looked at each objective and selected specific topics for each that we could focus on, and delegated a Group member to act as 'Champion' to co-ordinate their implementation: (Return to top)

Worshipping Together:
Worshipping better together as a united Benefice as well as in each parish including by promoting the current '9 parish' Services more widely (on any 5th Sunday in a month) and explore the provision of transport to all united Services. (Return to top)

A Visible Presence in each Parish:

Every parish to be represented in the Ministry Focus Group (currently 4 out of 9 don't have a member), identify a key contact for each parish, ensure all activities are effectively publicised to the wider community. (Return to top)

Sharing our Christian Faith & Values:
Promote personal discipleship through appropriate learning programmes, making use of the forthcoming new diocesan 'Experience Church' and 'Experience Eucharist' material to engage members of the local community. (Return to top)

Serving the Wider World:
Explore a link with a church in one of the dioceses' overseas link diocese, and develop a 'Care Response' programme for our Benefice. (Return to top)
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The new 'Strategy' was launched in our Benefice at a United Team Service in June 2013. We wait to see how well it gets on! (Return to top)