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Giving Life Meaning
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What's it all About?
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Hello and welcome to Modulo – a series of ‘Modules’ that build into an explanation of Christianity, which many find gives life meaning.

There are two options:

The Essentials or The Big Picture

The Essentials: just uses a shorter form of Modules 1 and 2 – which is sufficient if you only want to explore the basics.

The Big Picture: has more detail and more modules, so is designed for those who like to know more.

Sample questions and answers are provided in both options to help you think about it and compare the points made with your own life, and you can of course explore your own questions too.

You can use Modulo on your own but it’s better in a group where you can learn from each other. Your local church may have a group you can join, or you can form your own group with friends or relatives, meeting in someone's home, a hall, a pub, a coffee bar, etc - this is also your choice. An informal meeting over a meal or refreshments is best as it helps promote the sharing of ideas and the bit of knowledge we’ve each been given.

As well as the on-screen introductions, every page is provided in PDF format so you can click on it to print it out if you would like a paper copy.
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This Module is optional and designed for those who have little or no knowledge of Christianity, or who would like to revise the basics before going further. If you already know the basics, you can go straight to Module 1.
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Module 1: The Old Covenant
Essentials Option Big Picture Option
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How God made himself known to humanity, gave us Laws for living together in society, made a Covenant (an agreement) with early people to protect them if they would keep his Laws, and how they (and we still today) can never do that well enough, which causes a separation from God.
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Module 2: The New Covenant
Essentials Option Big Picture Option
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What God did to correct that separation – there wasn't a human good enough to do it, so God came himself in human form as Jesus of Nazareth to show us how to interpret his Laws correctly, to make reconciliation for everyone to correct the separation, and bring us back into relationship with him.
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Picture, Fellowship of Beliievers
After Jesus had returned to heaven, the followers he’d trained for that purpose, his Apostles, took out his message to the surrounding area just as he’d intended. This Module explores where they went and how, despite many difficulties, they created the Christian church.
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Christianity was at different times both supported and persecution by state authorities and even church leaders, so the one universal church created by the Apostles split into several parts. This Module explores those events to explain why the church is as we have it today.
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The response of some individual people to Jesus’ message is explored as an example to us, together with how we can make our own response.
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6: Prayers and Praying
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A simple guide to different ways and times of praying is provided, together with a sample prayer for the start of each Module, if you want it.
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7: Notes For Leaders
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This Module is optional and gives information and guidance for potential group leaders if you want to form your own group to do Modulo. It explains in an easily understood way how different types of personality may affect your meeting, gives examples of where and when you might meet, and how to involve everyone.
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