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Module 2 - The New Covenant
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Module 2/0 - Introduction
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We learnt in Module 1 how God gave us rules for living, but that we can never keep them well enough, causing a separation between him and us, much like the relationship between a naughty child and a loving parent is spoilt. But just as every loving parent seeks ways to repair that relationship (to save the naughty child from even worse consequences), so this Module shows what God did to save us from the effect of disobeying his Laws.
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  • 2/0: Introduction (This page)
  • 2/1: God's Solution To Our Sin
  • 2/2: Ministry Nears Its Climax
  • 2/3: Resurrection And Proof

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Module 2/1 - God's Solution To Our Sin
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Several prophets in the Bible’s Old Testament predicted the coming of a saviour. This Module reveals some of the principal predictions, together with details of Jesus’ birth and early childhood that fulfilled them.

The way Jesus’ prepared for his work as an adult is then described, along with some of his early teaching.
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  • Jesus came to make reconciliation between God and humanity for our sin, but before he did that, he taught the right way to interpret God’s Laws, and satisfied all the old predictions about him.
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Module 2/2 - Ministry Nears Its Climax
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As his ministry was reaching its end, we learn that Jesus’ teaching widened to included God, heaven, humanity, and life after death; and that he gradually made his way towards Jerusalem, which he entered to the cheers of the crowd.

As he shared his Last Supper with his disciples, he took a cup of wine, gave thanks to God and said, “This cup that is poured out for you is the New Covenant in my blood” (Luke 22:20).

He was betrayed to the religious leaders who felt threated by him (they claimed his teaching was blasphemy – false teaching about God) and subjected him to a trial using false evidence. Stirred up by the religious leaders, the crowd now turned against him; so he was convicted as a common criminal, tortured, and executed by the painful death of being nailed to a cross for hours (crucified).
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  • Jesus’ ministry drew to an end at the time of Passover – when God freed the slaves (see Module 1/2) – but now God was freeing all people from the ‘slavery’ of sin.

  • The New Covenant is that God will forgive those who sin if they believe in him and so at least try to follow Jesus, and keep God’s Laws.

  • As Jesus died, the curtain in the Temple was split in two, symbolically showing that humanity is no longer separated from God.
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Module 2/3 - Resurrection And Proof
Picture, Jesus Shows His Wounds
After he died, Jesus was buried in a tomb that was guarded by Roman soldiers; but three days later, as he’d predicted, he was found alive again. The Bible describes accounts by many eye-witness of his being alive, and that after a period of 40 days, he 'ascended' (returned) returned to heaven.
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  • As Jesus’ had no sin, by allowing himself to be crucified it was perfect sacrifice – so unlike the old animal sacrifices, it only had to be made once, and regular animal sacrifices are no longer needed.
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