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Giving Life Meaning
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Module 1 - The Old Covenant
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Module 1/0 - Introduction
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Welcome to Modulo 1, which explains who God is, how he made himself known to humanity, gave us Laws to respect him and each other, and how things go wrong when we disobey him (disobeying God is called 'sin').

We explore examples in the Bible's 'Old Testament' that show how people suffered when they disobeyed, which created the need for 'Christianity'. Questions and answers are provided to compare the behaviour of those early people with our own behaviour today - are we any better?
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  • 1/0: Introduction (This page)
  • 1/1: Who Is God?
  • 1/2: Freed To Serve
  • 1/3: God Keeps His Promise

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Module 1/1 - Who I God, What's He Like?
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This Module offers evidence in several ways to reveal who God is, what he's like, and how he made himself known to humanity via a promise to a childless couple that, if they would obey him, they would have descendants who would become a great nation. Unfortunately, their descendants failed to keep 'The Old Covenant' (Agreement) they made, so God wasn't able to protect them, and they became slaves in a foreign land.
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  • The evidence presented includes: creation & evolution, past people's experience, and building our own relationship with God today.
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Module 1/2 - Feed To Serve
Picture, Slaves
How those slaves escaped is explained, together with how God gave them and us Laws for serving him and each other with respect and loving care (Ten Commandments).
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  • Failure to keep God's Laws causes a 'separation' between him and us, much like a naughty child is separated from their loving parent.
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Module 1/3 - God Keeps His Promise
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God gave those early people a way of showing they were sorry for disobeying him (sacrifice - giving up something of value) and specified how to arrange a Temple to worship him, with a 'veil' (a curtain) to separate himself from the disobedient people.

As a result of their disobedience, they were kept wondering in the wilderness for 40 years, before God kept his promise to Abraham to give them a land of their own.
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  • God always keeps his promises, but his timescale is different from ours (he's outside of time, as he created it).

  • There wasn't a person good enough to make amends for our sin, so what was God to do about it - see Module 2.
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