Dymock Past
Picture of Old Dymock
Many residents and visitors will be familiar with the entertaining account a "personal, nostalgic and slightly historic tour around the village" presented on DVD by Melvyn Pratt, a copy of which is available to view on the TV monitor in the permanent Dymock Poets Exhibition at the rear of the church (where details may be found about purchasing individual copies at the cost of £12 each!). (Return to top)

A sequel to "Dymock - a Personal View" is now proposed, which will aim to gather personal accounts and document the priceless memories of some of our most senior Dymock residents.  Short audio recordings will be illustrated with as many photos and views of Dymock past, aiming to preserve for posterity something of the social and historical past of this fascinating community. (Return to top)

A small group of us have begun researching material and we would be delighted to hear from anyone who could help us with old photographic memorabilia to help us illustrate some of these accounts.

Please get in touch with Horace Dudfield +44 (0)1531 890575 or Bob May +44 (0)1531 890676 and help us preserve some of Dymock’s rich heritage.
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