The Thursday Club
Picture, Making Prayer Bracelets

For people in the 5th and 6th years of Ann Cam School
The Thursday Club meets immediately after school finishes, on a Thursday afternoon every week during term time to think about what it means to be a Christian - and to have fun! (Return to top)

We start with refreshments – usually a fizzy drink and Jaffa Cakes – then play a game or do some crafts whilst we think about how some aspect of Christianity affects our life today. (Return to top)

For 2012/13, we begin the year by thinking about who God is – Does he really exist? How do we know? What's he like? How does he talk to us? How do we talk to him? (Return to top)

Picture, Making Harvest BannerPicture, Easter HillIn our craft work during the year we made things appropriate for the season that were used in Dymock Church. We made a banner for harvest that shows the things we gather, not just crops and food from farms, but fish from the seas and goods from the factories; and a banner for Pentecost that shows how Jesus wants us to care for others as much as he cares for us. (Return to top)

For Easter we made several parts of the 'Experience Easter' display in Dymock church that was seen by all the people who came for the 'Daffodil Teas' served in church throughout the six weeks of Lent. It including a paper mâché hill with the cross on which Jesus was crucified and the tomb in which he was buried, plus the 'Empty Tomb' that proved he had come alive again, and many 'footsteps' to show the order in which to look at the display, which we made by drawing round our own feet on coloured paper. (Return to top)

Picture, Tea PartyPicture, Visit to VetIn the final term we went out to see what people do to serve others in the community – a visit to the local vets to see how they look after people's animals – then we provided a Tea Party to serve the older people of Dymock, making some of the sandwiches and cakes ourselves before serving them at their tables in the school hall, and entertaining them with a DVD of the visit we made to the vets. (Return to top)