What is Christianity?
Clip Art of Jesus
Christianity is the largest of the world religions with over two billion followers world-wide. Is gets its name from Jesus of Nazareth, known as Jesus Christ. ‘Christ’ is not a name but a title – it means ‘anointed’ or ‘chosen one’. (Return to top)

Although modern science can explain a lot more than our predecessors, most scientists and philosophers today agree that we can still only explain how a small part of the universe works and they can't explain why it exists, what was there if anything before the 'Big Bang' that started it, or what purpose it serves. (Return to top)

Religion is complimentary to science and attempts to explain the 'why'.

There is some similarity between the beliefs of the major religions, but also some fundamental differences including how the Supreme Being or 'God' is described and what people believe the Supreme Being expects from us. Judaism, Christianity and Islam all believe God has set rules by which we should live, rules recorded in their respective Holy Books – The Torah, The Bible and the Qur’an. (Return to top)

Christianity teaches that we should live our life according to those rules, showing respect to God and to each other, but because humanity always fails to live up the high standard they set, God pushes us away from him much as a loving parent pushes away a disobedient child. (Return to top)

However, it’s the unique Christian belief that God has a perfect loving nature which is so fundamental to him that, because humanity fails to obey his rules for living a good life, he came to earth himself in the form of Jesus as our ‘Saviour’ or intermediary between himself and humanity to make amends for our wrongdoing, since it’s only God’s own perfect nature that is capable of making such a reconciliation. That’s why Jesus is called ‘Christ’ – the ‘chosen one’ of God, chosen to make amends for our wrongdoing whih we call 'sin'. (Return to top)

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