'Altar Frontal' Renewal
Picture, Altar Cloth, White
Our altar frontal cloths and chasubles were wearing out
so we were pleased to accept an offer from the
Guild of Embroiders of Malvern to improve them.

They kindly provided their many hours of labour free
and only charged us for the materials they used.

They renovated our Chasubles and the 'white' frontal
used for Christmas and Easter.

Picture, Altar Frontal, Red
We didn't have a Red Frontal used for certain festivals
and on days when we remembrance martyrs.

Inspired by the above, two of our own members made
a new Red Frontal which was dedicated
at the Service on Maundy Thursday, 2014.

(*A chasuble is a vestment sometimes worn by the priest at Services of Holy Communion)
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