For Young People
Clip Art, Young Teens
Our provision for Teenagers is currently being reviewed. We began in the second half of 2015 by making visits to other churches in different styles from ours to see what they do and what they're like.

Our Teens are currently visiting St Andrews Church, Churchdown (Near Cheltenham) on the first Sunday of each month to join in their large and vibrant youth Service called 'Fuel' and have begun an informal Service in a similar (but so far less extensive) style on the third Sunday of each month in our own church in Dymock and have decided to call it 'Ignite'. Everyone is most welcome to come but expect the style to be very different from our regular, more traditional Services.

More details to follow as the idea develops! (Return to top)
Picture, childrens' Corner
We have a 'Children's Corner' in the North Transept area at the front of the church. It comprises a set of shelves to house boxes of toys and craft materials and a low table and chairs suitable for young children, together with a bench for parents to sit on whilst they supervise. (Gifts of more toys welcome). (Return to top)

The idea is to provide an area where young children can go during each of our Services so they get to experience our worship as they grow up and parents can take part without worrying about what to do with their children for whom the adult Services are less engaging. All are welcome - the congregation support this idea and are happy to accept a degree of noise and activity whilst they get on with the Service, so please feel free to join us and make full use of the facility. (Return to top)
Picture, Pilgrims Session
Pilgrims meet every Monday during school term time in Western Way Chapel.

Activities include crafts, games and a Bible story suitable for 6 to 12 year olds as they start to consider their faith for themselves. (Return to top)
Young Voices
Picture, The 'Young Voices'
Young Voices (Junior Choir) meet from time to time to practice and sing for special Services like Christmas and Easter, as well as other selected Services and occasional concerts.

They also enjoy occasional social activities together, such as a visit to the theatre. (Return to top)
Open the Book
Picture, Leaders in School  Hall
Open The Book A team of adults meet in Ann Cam C of E School every Monday during term time to lead the school assembly through a dramatised reading of the Bible, introducing the children to the basics of Christianity and the principal Bible stories. (Return to top)
School Assembly
Picture, School Assembly
The School Assembly is led one day a week by a member of our Ministry Team. We follow the Diocesan 'Values for Life' course which introduces the children to the moral values needed to live a good life in well organised society. (Return to top)
Thursday Club
Picture, A Club Session
The Thursday Club for school years 5 and 6 meeting in Ann Cam School, immediately as school ends, every Thursday during term time. Members investigate Christianity in a deeper but fun way whilst doing craft work or preparing an event or play to use in a future School Assembly. (Return to top)