School Assembly - 'Values for Life'
Picture, School Assembly
Every Wednesday, a member of our Ministry Team leads the Ann Cam 'All School Assembly'. We use the Gloucester Diocesan 'Values For Life' course distributed by Jumping Fish Publications. The course provides 'citizen building materials' that follow basic Christian principals. The topics covered include: Compassion, Generosity, Responsibility, Justice, Truth, Hope, etc over a three year cycle. (Return to top)

We often use PowerPoint slides to show supporting images to illustrate the talks, and try to involve the children themselves where we can. For instance, each session ends with a prayer which a child often reads without prior notice, usually very well, which is a compliment to the school's standards. (Return to top)

The picture shows a session using the account of Jesus feeding 5,000 at which two children attempted to divide two small fish and some bread into 5,000 reasonable sized pieces - but they failed, showing both that Jesus was special and our need to share what we have with others. (Return to top)