Restoration Appeal
St Mary the Virgin - Dymock Parish Church
Picture, Dymock Church
Our historic Grade 1 listed building was in need of repairs, some of it urgent, including parts of the floor, roof, lighting, stone walls, and nave ceiling.

There has been a church in Dymock for over 925 years.
Today the building acts as a centre for our work to serve the local community.
Some of what we do today can be seen in the 'Activities' and 'Reports' Sections.

We are grateful for donations already received from many generous sources which have enabled a lot of the repairs to be done already. To see pictures of the repairs already done, click here.

If you would like to donate something towards preserving this ancient building,
and so enable our current work of reaching out to serve the parish to continue, please send your donation to:
Dymock Church, Wintours Green, Dymock, GL18 2AQ
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