Christian Events and Organisations
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The church exists first to offer worship (honour) to God and to thank him for the gifts he gives us, and secondly to honour and support each other because we're all fellow creatures of God, and so by honouring each other we honour him too.

As well as the Seasons and Major Festivals which help us worship God, the church celebrates several 'Special Days' throughout the year to remember, honour and support each other and our work in God's world. Celebration of the "Special Days" is usually optional, Christians chose which they want to remember, including: (Return to top)
The 'Special Days'
July Sea Sunday
September Racial Justice Sunday
Harvest Festival
October Disability Sunday
Animal Welfare Sunday
Hospital Sunday
November All Saints Day, All Souls Day
Remembrance Sunday
December Nine Lessons and Carols
Christingle Service
'Christian Aid'
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As well as providing emergency relief, Christian Aid works with the world’s poorest communities in 50 countries of the world. They aim to invest in things that will provide benefits for years to come, thereby helping people to improve their own lives, whatever their background or religion. (Return to top)
Helping Poor Communities
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Helping Poor Communities:
£11 can buy 300 banana seeds for a poor family farming in Bolivia. The bananas provide valuable extra food for the family’s children.
£30 can provide a rainwater tank in Bangladesh. This helps a family to collect enough clean drinking water to last for at least six months each year.
£51 can train a member of a poor Ghanaian community to apply for funds released to their government after the year 2000 'Drop the Debt' campaign. This helps many people get access to education, healthcare and transport. (Return to top)
Christian Aid Week
Christian Aid Week Poster
Christian Aid is one of the charities regularly supported by Dymock Church. Each year in May we take part in the national house to house collection in the village to coincide with "Christian Aid Week". Christian Aid week in 2013 is 12-18 May. (Return to top)

In 2011 Dymock raised £951 for Christian Aid and in 2012 it was £813. We hope that people will 'Gift Aid' their contribution if they pay UK income tax, since Christian Aid can then reclaim back 25% more though the tax you've already paid, without any additional cost to you. (Return to top)

Prayer for Christian Aid Week
God of the rushing wind, sweep through my indifference.
God of the fiery flames, ignite my compassion.
God of the many voices, open my mouth to speak out against injustice
that through your Spirit and my actions this world may be transformed.
Amen. (Return to top)
Make A Donation
You can donate in one of the following ways:
Post a cheque to: Christian Aid, FREEPOST
Donate on line at
Call the donation line (24 hours) on 08080 006 006
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