Health and Safety Policy
Organisation and Responsbilities
Health and Safety Cartoon
Section A    -        General statement of policy
Section B    -        Organisation and responsibilities
Section C    -        Arrangements

This section sets out responsibilities and who is responsible for them. (Return to top)
1.    Responsibility of Rector
Overall responsibility for health & safety is that of the Rector, who shall ensure that arrangements are in place to satisfy H&S regulations and appropriate codes of practice. In this he will be supported by members of the Ministry Team, both ordained and lay, who should all make themselves aware of the appropriate regulations, documents and plans. (Return to top)
2.    Responsibility of the Churchwardens
The Churchwardens are responsible for ensuring that the arrangements outlined in this policy are carried out and are updated as necessary. (Return to top)
3.    Responsibility of the Fabric Officer
The PCC shall appoint a Fabric Officer who's duties are:
1.         Ensuring that the internal and external fabric and furnishings of the Church are maintained.

2.         Ensuring that the Churchyard is maintained.

3.         Maintaining an overview of church projects and works

4.         Ensuring that repairs carried out promptly, cost-effectively and to the required standard.

5.         Acting as project sponsor for the works services and projects in the church.

6.         Ensuring that the furnishings and decoration of the Church are maintained.

7.         Carrying out a monthly walk-round of the church and environs to ascertain the requirement for works services.

8.         Carrying out an annual Inventory Check.

9.         Ensuring that gutters and gullies are cleared at appropriate intervals.

10.       Ensuring that mandatory regular checks of electrical systems, lightning conductors and fire extinguishers are carried out.

11.       Inspecting the church building annually for evidence of active furniture beetle or woodworm and arranging treatment as required.

12.       Provision of maintenance reports to the PCC and its Finance and Fabric Committee.

4.    Responsibility of the Parochial Church Council (PCC)
The PCC has general responsibility to ensure that the H&S Policy is implemented. (Return to top)
5.    Responsibility of the Health & Safety Officer (HSO)
An HSO shall be appointed by the PCC who shall be responsible for the day-to-day implementation of the arrangements outlined in this policy. In particular, his responsibilities are to :
a.     Ensure that he is aware of the H&S Regulations as they apply to church premises.

b.    Ensure that he is familiar with this H&S policy and arrangements and ensure they are observed.

c.     Ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, that safe systems of work are in place.

d.    Ensure that the church is clean and tidy.

e.     Ensure that the churchyard is properly maintained, including the safety of monuments, tombstones and trees and that the grass is kept cut.

f.     Ensure that all plant, equipment and tools are properly maintained and in good condition and that all operators have received appropriate training.

g.    Ensure that adequate access and egress is maintained.

h.    Ensure that adequate fire-fighting equipment is available and maintained.

i.     Ensure that food hygiene regulations and procedures are observed. (Return to top)
6.    Responsibility of Employees and Voluntary Workers
All employees and voluntary workers have a responsibility to co-operate in the implementation of this H&S policy and to take reasonable care of themselves and others whilst on the church premises or on church business. Employees and voluntary workers must therefore:
a.     Comply with safety rules, operating instructions and working procedures.

b.    Use protective clothing and equipment when it is required.

c.     Report any fault or defect in equipment immediately to the appropriate person.

d.    Report, however minor, all accidents, injuries, near misses or other potential safety hazards as soon as possible.

e.     Not misuse anything provided in the interests of health and safety.
7.    Persons Responsible
The following are responsible for safety in particular areas:

By Activity
Accident book/accident reporting - A Churchwarden
Fire extinguishers - HSO
Emergency evacuation - Churchwardens/PCC Members
Portable electrical appliances - Fabric Officer
Fixed electrical systems - Fabric Officer
Hazardous substances - HSO
Plant & machinery - A Churchwarden
Condition of floors & stairs - Fabric Officer
Condition of churchyard - A Churchwarden
Light-bulb changing - A Churchwarden
Working at high levels - A Churchwarden
Food preparation - A Churchwarden
Audio/visual equipment - A Designated Person
Building defects/glazing - Fabric Officer
Child protection - Child Protection Officer
Personal safety              - Individual PCC members
Fetes/fairs & events - Fundraising & Social Committee
Bells & bell-ringers - Tower Captain
Contractors - Fabric Officer
Choirs/music - Organist
H&S training - HSO
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By Area
Main body of church - HSO
Transepts - HSO
Tower Vestry/Store - HSO
Organ/Organ Vestry - Organist
Tower - Fabric Officer
Bell Chamber - Tower Captain
North Transept Kitchen - A Churchwarden
Churchyard - A Churchwarden
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